How to (shudder)Propose…

January 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

Thanks to the WordPress Stats page, I know that a substantial number of hits on this blog are generated by google searches for phrases such as “mithun movie like michael jackson”, “do not cry frye”, “ahista BOLT” and most amusingly, “kingfisher airhostess photos”. Yes, yes, I know that I never produced/directed/wrote/starred in anything resembling mithun like michael jackson and that I have never encouraged anyone to not cry (but with a name like frye, I guess that person does have a right to cry 🙂 ) ,much less by singing (which most definitely will lead to crying) and I have absolutely no idea why Google(or whichever search engine they use) thinks that my blog has anything to do with ahista BOLT. As for the photos, I don’t have them, really 😛

However, there are other, more sinister searches that make people land up on this blog: searches that include “How to propose”, “How to marry”,”How to propose and marry”,”How to Propose ______(insert name of random girl here)”, “how to get drunk and propose” and weirdly something that makes no sense : “I love you Mithun” (why, why dear god why?), to which I say: Come hither, vile spawn of satan and let your neck taste the fury of my samurai sword…or something like that. I live in constant hope that the search was not targeted at me but at one of the many mithuns in this world (of which there are many). But I digress from the whole point of this blog.

Which is the announcement of a post to appease all the searchers : a post on how to (shudder)propose. [btw, that shudder is on my part; do not shudder when proposing (unless you want to scare the person off); though the shudder will come naturally after you realise what a foolish thing you have done]. I am being helped in this by my friend, The Mediator. Will have the post up soon.


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