Just my luck

April 26, 2008 § 9 Comments

It happened like any other incident in my life. It happened on an afternoon. Came back from lunch, only to find that I had been locked out of my office. Somebody had shut the door, when all instructions on not to shut the door had been blasted into everybody’s ears hundreds of times. But somebody had to do it. Now what is the problem with that, you ask? Locked out of office, na. Just tell the admins to get the keys and let you in. Not quite. Here at Microsoft, the security team takes care of such things. Which means that they have to be contacted. No, not by me, but by the admins. Which means I have to contact the admins, right? No, wrong again. The admins have to be contacted by my onsite manager. So, I have to contact my onsite manager. Then the admin contacts the other manager(who has to send a mail, saying its alright to let me back in), and in doing so, immortalises my name in the hall of people shut out of their office, which is a pretty small hall, I am told. And once they all approve, I am told to wait. So I wait. For 3 hours. After which a security dude comes and lets me in, after assuring himself that I am Me. A little later I tell him not to upgrade to Vista, when he asks me if he should.

muhehehe 😛 I love happy endings.


Microsoft Firefox

April 22, 2008 § 5 Comments

Yes, you read that right 😛 And you can find it at Microsoft Firefox. I was surfing the net when I came across this site. On first impression, it seemed like a giant hoax. It still seems like one, but is so funny that it had me smiling (would’ve burst out laughing, but then I’m in office). A sample from the site:

Microsoft Firefox 2007 was designed to be more streamlined and less cluttered with unnecessary items and options. Our goal was to maximize the screen real estate devoted to the desktop that you want to view and to reduce the amount of toolbar space that can sometimes take up as much as a third of the screen (Mozilla Firefox before Microsoft’s acquisition).
Most of the options you used previously in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are still there.  It’s simply been hidden and encrypted with 512bit protection, and thus cannot be accessed. There is however, a new Favorites Folder that contains your favorite websites, Real Simple Sex downloads, and browsing history. Make sure you explore the new toolbar to see all your options including margin manipulation, page view, settings, and more.

How do I install/uninstall Microsoft Firefox?

  1. Here and download the appropriate version of Microsoft Firefox compatible with your operating system.
  2. Follow the online instructions.
* Note: Previous installations of browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, will automatically be overwritten. The removal of Microsoft Firefox from your system violates international copyright law. Therefore, you cannot legally uninstall Microsoft Firefox.
Do have a look at the features and also the “new” technology on offer. And the ad video is pretty good too. Also check out what is required to run it on your computer
These guys have a downloadable exe(installer) too. But I didn’t wanna try it out.
Do have a look at it before MS finds out and the website is shut down. 
And what is the feature that appeals to me? Well, the new RSS feature looks pretty solid 😉

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