A very educational video

August 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Good video. Nice message. Don’t know if the Mediator would approve though I don't know smile


The lowu phone

June 21, 2009 § 2 Comments

One thing that Dhirubhai Ambani will be forever immortalized for is the small mobile revolution that he helped usher in India. Make no mistake, he played a huge part in this, what with the Rs. 500 ka mobile phone Reliance introduced some years ago. But this post is not about that. It is about a bigger contribution he has made. A contribution that will not be forgotten by a generation of Indians, and will be spoken of with reminiscing sighs in the days of their retirement.

A little history here. Soon after Reliance Mobile came into existence and a lot of consumers had them, people found out a way to cheat Reliance out of money they’d have to pay for legitimate calls they made. Basically, instead of disconnecting calls, they’d pull out the battery from the phones. Reliance executives, instead of taking a hit month and month again, decided to introduce a new scheme, which said: Pay fixed monthly charge and call any Reliance phone anywhere in India for free. That, and they also fixed their faulty billing system. People chose the fixed monthly charge and free calls scheme. Entire khandaans converted over to Reliance.

Perhaps unknown to the Reliance people, there was a market segment that they hadn’t thought existed. The people in lowu. Now, whats better than spending each moment in somebody’s company? Eh, wats that you said? Calling each other? Yes. That’s exactly what the lovers of our generation did. Both parties got Reliance mobiles and started spending a lot (and by that I mean a LOT) of time with the phone connected to their ear. Long distance relationships flourished, aided by this free reliance to reliance scheme. Short distance relationships flourished some more, if that is possible.

In fact, the practice is so prevalent now, that I have devised a way to identify people in lowu (and various stages of lowu), just by the mobile network they use. The algorithm goes:

Boy/Girl has Reliance mobile? Boy/Girl is constantly on the phone (>3 hours in the work day)? Boy/Girl talks very softly on the phone? Boy/Girl has expression of supreme happiness/ extreme stress/ regular boredom while on phone? If the answers to all of the above is Yes, then ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, a reliance couple.

A note to parents: If your child wants/switches to a Reliance phone all of a sudden, you should stop entertaining thoughts of a peaceful arranged marriage match for your child. 😀

I have seen many such phone users. Separated by distance or circumstances, The Lowu Phone a.k.a Reliance Mobile has made life(lowu) a little easier and cheaper for lakhs of couples across India.

[And just in case you are wondering, the author does not own a Reliance mobile phone.]

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