October 19, 2007 § 1 Comment

Training going on here at Aztecsoft, Pune. And I am doing this at the end of a long, boring session when I realised that the faltu-site-blocking software here has unblocked my blog. Speaking of which, most of my fellow trainees don’t know what a blog is 😮 . But whatever. Its strange really, this place. I feel homesick, sometimes lonely in this place. Its a struggle to find someone speak unaccented hindi or english or even people who I can relate to. Even when somebody does speak its sometimes hard to understand…but I guess thats more my problem than theirs. One interesting fact : I am the lone south indian in the batch 🙂 and I thought that could never happen…there are south indians in every corner of the world, rite? 😛

A song for the occassion : Yeh Kahaan aa gaya main……


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