On being a Man and finding a bookstore…

August 1, 2009 § 12 Comments

They are in the shopping mall after watching the movie. He wants to find out where the Crosswords Bookstore is. He remembers vaguely but can’t seem to locate it.

After moving around the first level, second level and the third level of the mall, looking for the bookshop, he is irritated that he can’t find it.

“Why don’t you ask the mall security? I’m sure they might know”, she chimes in, interrupting his thoughts.

“Can’t”, he says.

“Why?”, she asks.

“I am a man. And men don’t ask for directions”, he says, crossing his arms in front of him.

“Looks like you’ll need a sex change operation to locate that bookstore then”, she replies, a thin smile forming on her lips.


The zipper effect

February 6, 2008 § 7 Comments

There is a Crosswords bookstore right across the road from my office, which is a total of 5 minutes from where I live. For a book fiend like me, that is temptation. Sort of like honey to a bee or beer to Homer Simpson. So I go there almost every other week and end up buying something or the other. And I had to buy something last week too. Had planned to go actually. But somehow, I fell asleep and on waking up realised that I had very little time to go and get the book. So I dressed hurriedly and as quickly as I could, reached the store.

It was then something strange that happened. I was browsing the sci-fic section when suddenly, a girl approaches me, smiling. A girl, trendily dressed and intelligent, by the looks of it(she was wearing spects and had a book on philosophy in her hand, intellectual book + spects = intelligent girl). Now, a hundred thoughts raced through my mind, as I tried to put on my best half quizzical, half amused smile. Thoughts which were more on the lines of  “this isn’t supposed to happen”, “serial killer, run!!”, “do I know her?”, “what in the name of satan is she smiling at?” and more importantly, ” is there someone standing behind me that she bestows the smile on?”. Apparently not. I even turned around and checked. Hmm. As I pondered on whether to move to another section, she comes and stand in front of me and points towards my zipper, giggles and says “You zipper is open”. And giggles some more.

And as I stood there, waiting for the earth to swallow me, I could only mutter a “Er, thanks” and zip up.

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