January 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

Just what made me go and watch Pyaar Impossible is something best left to the vagaries of fate. Maybe I was meant to watch it. It must be part of some sort of penance that I have to do for my pichle janmon ke paap.

The first 5 minutes of the movie does make you wonder if its going to be one of those hatke films. You know, the kind where you come out of the theatre and say, “Wow. That was different.” The words I was mouthing at the end were on the lines of “Give me my two and a half hours back” and some mumbling about Program Files. You’ll understand about the program files part if you go watch the movie.

Its the geek and beauty story. You know, the geek who is the nicest guy in college, does all the work for everybody but is mostly invisible to all. Especially the beauty. The story was good and so many things could have been done with it. But all we got was Program Files, a spoilt brat for a kid and some serious skin show from Priyanka Chopra.

Program Files: Stealing an operating system has never been so easy. All you need to do is to copy the Program Files. I wonder who the IT Consultant for this movie was. I want to go and smack him on the back of the head and teach him some concepts. Idiot. Its like they never expected IT professionals to watch the movie. Now you will have incidents where people will try to copy Program Files of Windows in order to steal it from someone’s computer.

Clothes: I think there was a per dress limit of cloth that was imposed for Priyanka Chopra’s wardrobe in the movie. Or that she wore clothes meant for the kid. Either ways, you know how you get sick of chocolate after having say 2 kilos of it. It was the same with Priyanka Chopra. You get tired of seeing the long legs after some point. I have boxers that are longer than the shorts she wears in almost every other scene in the movie. Enough said.

Acting: Priyanka Chopra was okay. But I think no one noticed her acting anyways. Uday Chopra tried hard, as always, but fails. One can’t do much with two and a half expressions. Dino Morea with his one expression is the bad guy. I think his acting was the best in the movie. And when one says that, you know how badly the others have acted. The kid is irritating but cute, as most kids are. Anupam Kher is good in a brief cameo, as always.

First movie of the year for me. And this is what I get. I fear what atrocities the rest of the year may bear upon me. Sigh. I fear more copying of Program Files 😛



October 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

Overheard: I think the only thing that actually got kidnapped in Kidnap were Minishha Lamba’s clothes. 😀

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