The King of Good Times

September 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

As I mentioned in an earlier post that I had flown to nagpur on a Jet Airways flight. It wasn’t incident free, for at the end of breakfast my trouser was flavored with milk powder.

It was a one day trip. So we came back to mumbai by a night flight by Kingfisher Airlines. Yes, Kingfisher. The same airline, the very rendition of whose name brings about a glazed look in the eyes of guys and has them mouthing inanities about the in-flight crew. A friend of mine who happened to see my ticket, gave the same reaction, which i found amusing to say the least. Quite some hype around that airline, I noticed.

It wasn’t until I was boarding the aircraft that the thought of all the hype being tested out occurred to me. As soon as I entered the aircraft, a very pretty lady in the famous red uniform, welcomed me aboard the aircraft. A good start, I noted. It wasn’t till I peered inside the aircraft that my jaw dropped, for inside was a thing of amazing beauty. No, not an airhostess 😛 but each seat had a mini-tv and headset! With 6 video and 10 audio channels. Pure bliss. What else can a guy ask for? Hmm…

In the starting address, Vijay Mallya urged us to fly Kingfisher again and assured us that each of the cabin crew is personally picked by him. Lucky guy!! Btw, he’s doing a very good job of it! 😀 Yana Gupta instructed us on the various safety measures in case the aircraft plummets to the ground. Nice.

The in-flight crew came out to ask our meal preferences. As I was fiddling with the TV, I hadn’t noticed the airhostess who asking the question. My mistake. As is with most guys,I have trouble enunciating when faced with incredible beauty. And as luck would have it, this airhostess was incredibly beautiful(the kind who could launch a thousand ships and some cars while at it). So when she asked me whether I wanted veg or non-veg, I was left gaping at her, before muttering a non-audible “non”, the other part of the word (which btw is “veg”) was swimming at the bottom of my stomach, struggling to get to my vocal chords. But being such a courteous young and pretty , almost angelic girl that she was, she just smiled and said, “why yes!! Certainly sir!” before handing me the food. An absolute angel!!

And after the flight landed, as we were disembarking from the plane, the angel(the air hostess) politely asked me to have a great day. Even considering that it was 11.30 in the night, I couldn’t disagree. And with a smile plastered over my face…I disembarked from the flight of good times.


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