The story of Bhayander

April 10, 2018 § 1 Comment

You know long ago, the outskirts of Mumbai was all forests and stuff. Tigers and leopards and all sorts of creatures roamed free. It was a simpler time.

In those times, the mafia was a real thing. And Salim Bhai was a dreaded thug. He ran smuggling and drug operations in mumbai.

Police was on the lookout as it always is. One day, it so happened that Salim Bhai was smuggling gold off Gorai, that police got on his tail.

He ran away, just eluding the police cordon. But not by much. The police was on his tail.

The chase was taking them up north.

Salim Bhai was in his Mercedes, with a couple of henchman as backup. They crossed Borivali, then Dahisar, raced up through the salt pans, but the police was on their tail.
At the edge of Uttan (the salt pans), a line of trees heralded the forests.

Salim Bhai had an idea, but before he could do anything, the front tyre of his merc punctured and the car slowed. He somehow maneuvered to the edge of the forests and ran off into the forests, ordering his henchmen to stand ground against the police.

The henchmen were not that great, the police nabbed them easily. The constables cracked a couple of dandas on their legs and the inspector asked “Kidhar hai woh?”

And pointing towards the forests, they said: “bhai andar hai;bhai andar hai; bhayandar hai”

And since that day, that area is known as Bhayander 😛

[ A story I told my wife as we were driving someplace some 2 years back; I think she actually believed me up to a point. Stories like this are the reason she doesn’t believe me when I share nuggets of information 😛 ]



I was reminded of this because of this meme shared by a friend:



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