Rehna Tu

April 24, 2015 § 2 Comments

तूफान मुझपे है उठायें कहीं तूने, [Toofan mujhpe hai uthayein kahin tune, ]

हज़ारों शमा जलकर कहीं, शिकवे भुलाये होते हमने [ Hazaron shama jalakar kahin, shikwe bhulaye hote hamne ]

सूखा समुन्दर अश्को का, सिर्फ यादें अभी बाकी है…[ Sukha samundar ashko ka, sirf yaadein abhi baaki hai… ]

A multitude of feelings had you brought upon me,

Maybe if we could, we should have lit a thousand candles and wished away our grievances,

As a sea of tears dries up, there are only memories left here.

होगा वो ज़ुल्म…जो कहाँ मेने… [Hoga woh zulm…jo kahan meine… ]

की हसीन ना था वो पल जो गुज़रें हुमणे. [ Ki Haseen na tha woh pal jo guzarein humne. ]

सब कुछ भुला के में चाहूं तेरी खुशी. [ Sab kuch bhula ke mein chahoon teri khushi. ]

It will be wrong if I were to say that the time we spent together wasn’t beautiful, worth remembering.

I may forget everything else, but I’ll always wish for your happiness.

Rehna Tu…


As he cut the call for the last time, he knew he had done the right thing. It was harsh, but it was the right thing. Unfair, but right. That was him, unable to make a decision, wanting others to take it for him. As the fates shall will, he used to say. The days and nights had become unrelenting, full of thoughts that did not let him be and left his mind and heart in a state of overbearing sadness. He couldn’t take it anymore. In the end, he had taken the easy way out. He had crumbled. He had let down someone. He knew that he would repent this. He knew that he would never be himself again.

All it had taken were a few words. And a few hundred which were left unsaid. As he cut the call and willed his tears to dry up, he felt the weight on his soul remove itself. Or maybe it was his conscience which had decided to leave. He would never know. But, he had done the right thing. The right thing. But for whom?

That he did not know.

[The beautiful lyrics above that inspired the short are from the unplugged version of Rehna Tu by A.R.Rahman ]

[Original Draft Date: November 2014]


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