Of Dreams & Madno

November 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

कई ख्वाब दिल तुझको लेके सजाये, (Kahi Khwaab dil tujhko leke sajaye)

पर खौफ्फ़ येह भी कहीं पर सताए, (Par khauf yeh bhi kahin par sataye)

गर यह भी टूटे तोह फिर होगा क्या रे? (Gar yeh bhi toote toh fir hoga kya re?)

मुझे रास आटी है खुशियाँ कहाँ रे… (Mujhe raas aati hai khushiyaan kahan re…)

So many dreams did I dream of you, for you.
But there was always this fear – that dreams fail, they fade, we falter, change –
What if these dreams also fail? What if we fail? ~What if I fail?~
As it is, when did I ever feel satisfied with happiness?

I bid thee well, Madno.

from the song: Madno


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