On hookahs and abusers

April 27, 2014 § 2 Comments

Heard a song on TV the other day. It was in Punjabi – rather than in Hindi – as most ‘hep’ songs are nowadays and sounded like a whole lot of gibberish. This even though I can make out some of the Punjabi words. I try to make a translation into Hindi and get a sense of what the song is about. Imagine my shock then when I heard this song and got to know that it is about luring innocent girls into a gali and boinking them on the head with a hookah. Repeatedly.

Don’t believe me? Here goes a stanza and translation from the song…

Saadi gaali aaja saanu chaahan waaliye
Tennu hokkah maarda phiraan

Come to my street, o my lover,
I keep calling out for you..

Ik waari aaja door jaan waaliye
Tenu hokaah marda phiraan

Come once, O the-one-who-left-me,
I’ll roam around hitting you with a hookah!

Preposterous I say! šŸ˜›


PS: Yes, yes. This is not the correct translation. I know.


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