At the chemist

April 16, 2013 § 4 Comments

I had to buy some medicines, so naturally I went to the friendly neighbourhood chemist. The medication I was getting was self prescribed for a cousin. Basically as placebo. So there was some deliberation with the chemist if it was alright to take said medication or not.

At the same time, a girl walks up to the chemist and whispers something. Now being the gentleman that I am, I maintain nonchalance and act as if nothing has been noticed so as not to embarrass this girl. Then the chemist points to me and says loudly to the girl, ‘He needs it!’

The first thing that comes to my mind is a word that questions the lineage of the chemist. But being a decent boy, I only said ‘I don’t need it! She asked for it, give it to her.’ The girl has one arched eyebrow and is staring at me half amused.

The chemist says ‘I was talking to her about the medicine you asked for’, the girl goes from half amused to full amused. She is practically giggling. ‘She is a doctor’, he continues. I go from full bravado and an inch away from giving the chemist a bio lesson to full shameface. The doc tells me ki dawai should be okay and I conduct the transaction in silent shamefulness.



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