The Untouchables of Twitter

June 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

I have been on twitter for some months now. And this is an observation that i have from the time I’ve spent there.

There are the Higher Beings – The Elites – People who have formed their own cliques, have thousands of ‘followers’, have their own in-jokes, and who scratch each others backs ever so often. These are often people who got on twitter long back, some journos, some news folks, celebrities and some anonymous folks. Almost brahmanical are these folks. Intent on keeping people out, discrediting the newer-getting-popular tweeters and for some reason, all railing against one rightist political party. A small minority of the twitter population. Marked out by the distinctly high quality of tweets, even if it is about shit.

Then there are the Middler Beings – The Commoners – The twitter newbie, the ardent follower of some celebrity, the person who just wants to get some news, somebody who is looking for information. These are the majority on twitter. May have 100’s of followers, maybe in thousands as well. Very hard to put this group in a political bracket, most support the rightist, free market idealogy, most support whatever the Higher Beings tell them to (or whatever Goebel they come up with) but most will be content looking at the tweets and living their humdrum existence. Marked out by the fact that tweets may be more retweets of multiple Higher Beings than being something cooked up by themselves.

Then we have the Lower Beings – The Untouchables of Twitter – also called ‘Trolls’. These are the people who have no control. Over the narrative, of any sort. These are the frustrated masses on either side of the divide. You will find them crass, spewing venom through their tweets on people who they disagree with or simply stating a view which disagrees with the POV of the Higher Beings.

It is interesting to note that the ‘trolls’ are marked out by the Higher Beings. Anyone disagreeing with their views is labelled one. Trolls are mocked at, not allowed any voice in any discussions, blocked and reported to twitter. It is considered degrading to be seen talking to a troll. It is degrading to be a troll. Recently a few of the higher Beings wanted to start a TrollBaiting competition, where success was measured through the trollish responses received to incendiary tweets. Human Sport, anyone? Then there is the labeling of trolls into a religion based entity and even as representative of a political individual or force. Name Calling, Segregation, taunting, prohibition of access to information and finally institutionalizing this behaviour. What does all of this remind you of? Let me help you with that –

For all the hyperventilation over the caste system by the higher beings, it is evident that they keep such a system running anywhere they can. Caste System 2.0, if you will.


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