Of hawa, lungis and music

June 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

It happens to be one of my favourite songs…The other day I was humming this song at work and I thought to my self (because that’s what I do at work, hum songs and think to myself, anything else that happens there is incidental πŸ˜› ), what if this song was sung by a girl to a boy? And I came up with some lyrics(another thing that I do at work πŸ˜€ ) which would be in the song in that case.Which would go something like this:

Jhonka hawa ka aaj bhi baal tere udaata hoga na,

Teri lungi aaj bhi tere kamar se sarakti hogi na,

Baalon mein tere aaj bhi, nariyal ka tel lagta hoga na,

Mein dekhti hoon chup chup ke FB profile ko, aisa tujhe lagta hoga na…

Jokes apart though, this is a very good song, soul stirring. I wonder if I’m just old or our music has degenerated to a really bad level if I get to say that, they don’t make it like this anymore.


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