Do you believe…

December 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

…that there are 6 other people in this world who look similar to you? And act like you as well?

When he first saw her with a common friend, he felt that he had started hallucinating all of a sudden. Not her, she couldn’t be here, he reasoned.

Stop staring. It’s not her. How can it not be? The same eyes, the same smile, the same playful laughter. Even the dancing. Same.

Its not her. She would have recognized me, surely. Or not. Blows to the head can cause memory loss. Maybe she’d had some.

God has a weird, demented sense of humour, he thought; dancing with the spitting image of someone he’d rather forget.


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§ One Response to Do you believe…

  • savitha says:

    Good one Bro…. U can become a writer. Keep it up…It may be a fiction or reality but we hv to belive that their r 6 people who look like us and behave like us…. We cannot judge the rules of God Just we hv to follow them to reach our destiny.

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