Nice Guys…

August 4, 2010 § 7 Comments

…finish last.

As evidenced by Sohrab Mirza. Who? The guy who Sania Mirza was going to marry until she met Shoaib Malik. Not that winning this race would have been all that great, considering the prize at stake 😛 Evidently, he’s a nice guy, not one peep out of him after he finds out that he was actually ditched, not dumped. Nicety doesn’t get nicer. I mean, he could have gone all over town criticising and calling her names, the news(?) channels would have lapped it up. But he’s a nice guy. Nice guys don’t do such things. Nice guys just finish last.

Even in films there is this trend of putting the nice guy down. For example, if you have seen Love Aaj Kal, you’d have noticed the nice guy being brutally dumped by the heroine. A day after the wedding, at that!! Or in Wake Up Sid, where the heroine dumps the suave one for the badass hero. Or in the more recent ‘I hate luv stories’ where the heroine dumps her fiancée for chocolate boy. Sigh. I could cite numerous examples on such misrepresentation of nice guys in the entertainment industry. The recurring theme though, is this: the nice guy is a stopgap, to be used till the hero mends his ways or becomes a sensible person.

With such treatment (and indeed, glorification of such treatment) what is the nice guy to do? Should he become a bad guy? Should he not do the nice things that he does? Should there be a nice guy revolt? ( I wonder what that revolt will be like? strongly worded emails to offending film directors is something that come to mind 😛 ) Waise, to all the nice guys out there, I recommend the following:

Next time some girl asks you to do an assignment, tell her to go get it done by her boyfriend; next time some girl asks you for some help on her project, tell her to get her second boyfriend to do it for her; next time some girl comes to you with some office ka work, tell her to go and ask her badass boyfriend to get it done for her. Just make sure that she does have a boyfriend before you say all this to her. Nahin toh opportunity waste wonly no? 😛

But I seriously don’t think that my recommendations will work. One, nice guys are nice for a reason. They are made that way. Even if they want to be bad or try to be bad, it doesn’t work. They’ll most probably go and say sorry after a while and do the work they rejected anyways. Sigh. Vicious circle and all that.


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