To Hell…

July 24, 2010 § 2 Comments

…and not yet back.

12 hour work days I can well handle. have been doing so for the past 3 years. Its the 15-16 hour work days that get my goat. And let it wander all over the well cared for garden lawn. But then, work is work. I hardly notice. But the others do. The day I feel/look like a zombie moving from one task to another, they notice. And ask me to go and rest. Which is all very well. Because a zombie me is no fun, I tend to snap at people. People are annoying.

I’ve been meaning to blog. But inspiration has decided to up and leave. Which is more or less okay, since zombie-fied me doesn’t really care. I will blog without inspiration. To hell with inspiration I say. Now, I’ll need a muse. Who will volunteer? 😛

For people who don’t listen to Hindi songs. Yes, you. You, the one who learns lyrics of angrezi songs so that you may impress the cool ones. Go listen to the songs of Aisha. Bloody brilliant they are. Especially Lehrein, Suno Aisha and Gal Mitthi Mitthi. That Amit Trivedi is gonna be the next Rehman if he keeps going like this. First DevD, now this. And I heard his Udaan has a nice soundtrack too. Must listen to those too.

Which reminds me. Listened to Madno yet? Where do these people get such melodies from? Awesomeness. I even liked Mika’s version of it. And I was not irritated by his singing. Thats saying a lot. The haunting female voice is the thing that makes the song really. And the lyrics?   

Kayi khwaab dil tujhko le kar sajaaye
Par khauf yeh bhi kahin par sataaye
Ghar yeh bhi tootey toh phir hoga kya re
Mujhe raas aati hain khushiyaan kahan re


BTW it was Himace’s birthday recently. Saw it somewhere on Facebook. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Himace. May you always grimace 😛

A thank you to Alice. Her comment on a previous post made me realise that I haven’t updated my blog in a bit. Thank You very much. I feel less zombie like now 🙂


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