Moving On…

September 5, 2009 § 7 Comments

[Wrote this back in June. Was sitting in the draft section, making a sad face. Thought that I might as well post it…And this is fiction. Just in case.]

When all the tears have dried up, when all the thoughts come to nil, he figures he has to move on. Finally. Eighteen long months of wondering if he was the one to blame, if he’d gone wrong somewhere; he figures that he’ll never know the answer. Maybe he doesn’t want the answer anymore.

Eighteen months. Of insane schedules, of working late, of working weekends, of working like a machine. Of Excelsheets, Word documents, Visio diagrams, xml comments, cs files, analysis and programming. Just so that he wouldn’t get time to think. Of himself.

Tu nahi raha teri yaad reh gayi, palko mein teri aas reh gayi
Koi toh hoga bahana bata, tujhko bhula dene ka…

She isn’t worth it, he decides. Nobody is, says a voice from inside him. Nobody should be, he says. And smiles.

Once he decides to do it, deleting memories is easy. All you have to do is Shift+Delete and they are all gone. Forever.


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