March 23, 2009 § 5 Comments

Empress(Em): Are you sure that this is the deadliest poison available? Deadlier than even Arsenic?

Poison maker(Pm): Yes, it is. It is venom extracted from episeryals(?) from the North and Black Scorpions from the South. It is extremely potent.

Em: Is there anything more poisonous than this?

Pm: Yes. There is.

Em: What is it?

Pm: The Human Heart.

[A dialogue from the Film : The Banquet]


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§ 5 Responses to Poison

  • alice-in-wonder says:

    The dialogue’s either too brilliant or too ‘eh what?’, and I can’t figure out which it is. 😀

  • alice-in-wonder says:

    Btw, love the header pic.

  • Mithun says:

    I felt the same way…but i lean more on the brilliant side of it 😀 …The film is in Mandarin…this is an English translation, slightly mired by my memory…so the punch is missing in the dialogue I think…worked wonderfully well in the film though.

    and thanks for the header wala compli 🙂

  • Anony-miss says:

    I disagree.
    I think the human tongue is more poisonous that the heart.

  • Anony-miss says:

    THAN the heart..
    And there goes my punchline down the drain 😦

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