Where did the good old days go?

January 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

Back in the 90’s(you know, when I start talking of the 90’s,that means my mind must be in some state of mess), we had a string cavalcade of movies that went by in which the hero and the heroine would separate briefly in the middle of the movie, only to reunite again towards the end. And that separation part would inevitably be the part in which there would be the song, in which the hero would sing a heart rending, bleeding and crying song for the heroine, in the presence of a 100 or so guests(they called that thing a ‘party’, in which people would hold glasses of stuff that looked like whisky and pretend to enjoy the party). The heroine would almost always have another guy with her(who would later turn out to be a bad dude, but not always) but the hero would have nobody(an odd uncle or group of friends was an occasional exception). The hero would be sad, very sad, very very sad. It is sadness that cannot be described. Just like the pimple that doesn’t go away 😛

The heroine would look very pained and in anguish, just like Rahul Dravid does when he can’t score any runs or Himace does, whenever he tries to deliver an expression. The heroine’s new boyfriend would either have a gloating expression or one of bewilderment. The song would end with either the heroine crying or the hero crying, or both of them crying; the guys in the audience wondering if they would ever have the misfortune to do something like that, and the girls wondering if the guy they ditched last would do something like that if they were in a party together(they would go “mental note: throw party, invite ex” 😀 ).

These songs were good, as most songs in those days were. Chartbusters all of them. But alas, this tradition of soulful heart rending songs sung at a party for your ex-lover doesn’t appear in movies anymore. Instead, we have item numbers or dance club numbers where the ditched go to drink themselves silly. Sad, but a reflection on the times we live in. Which prompts me to ask : Where did the good old days go?

I wanted to post some songs that go with this theme I just discussed, but my playlist has way too many to embed into one post, so I’ll post the oldies first, then the 90’s in a subsequent post.

1. Dil ke jharoke mein from Bhramachaari

2. Ab teri galiyon mein…

3. Kya hua tera waada…


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