January 17, 2009 § 2 Comments

Watched two movies in the past week, one was the Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini and the other was Slumdog Millionaire. I liked both movies, though its harder to tell which one I liked more. Maybe I liked both the same.



Watching Slumdog Millionaire is an experience in itself. The music is edgy, beautifully put together, the story moves forward at the right pace and the storytelling itself is innovative. That it has been derived from Vikas Swaroop’s Q & A is good enough reason for me to go buy that book. Though I’ve heard that the book is different from the movie. The movie will win a lot of awards. Lets face it, the world loves to see the darker side of India. And darker side this movie certainly does show -poverty, slums, begging, child labour, swindlers, prostitution, ganglords – this movie has it all. Sort of like the complete package. And everybody loves a complete package.



Ghajini, on the other hand is another matter. Lots of people haven’t liked the movie. I’m not one of them. The movie’s start is a little weird : for the first 15 minutes, all the killing and mayhem seem unreasonable, unwanted even. But as the story progresses, you actually feel bad for the guy. There are two girls in the movie: one who should have been killed but isn’t (Jiah Khan) and the other who shouldn’t have been killed but was (Asin, lovely name, isn’t it 🙂 ). Jiah Khan is the embodiment of the typical everyday girl you might bump into on the street. Asin is more the unreal, does-not-exist-on-this-earth kind of female. You know the type: kind,considerate, intelligent, great sense of humour etc etc. Infact, the writer has packed in as many good Samaritan qualities in the character as possible. Unfortunately, methinks he will destroy the lives of a lot of to-be-married guys out there. After watching the movie, they will expect their future better half to be like Asin’s character. Which is not possible. So their expectations will only come back to bite them in the ass. Coming back to the film, Aamir has again done exceedingly well, though the ab flaunting is sometimes nauseous. Overall a good watch(the film, not the abs 😛 ).

When I did get out of the theatre, I wondered what would happen if something like that happened to me (that short term memory loss thingy), what would I do? How would I reconstruct my life? Who would I want to kill? I would read the blog of course, and then go into a deeper state of madness 😛 The answer to that last question however, came very quickly to me. Very unfortunate that 😀


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  • ms-Narcisst says:

    “Asin is more the unreal, does-not-exist-on-this-earth kind of female. You know the type: kind,considerate, intelligent, great sense of humour etc etc.”

    u obviously don’t remembver, meeting me, do u??! 😛

  • Mithun says:

    etc etc. includes that the girl be a great speller too 😀

    and yes, I do remembver meeting you 😛

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