The year that was…

December 31, 2008 § 6 Comments

January: Where in all the hells have I been transferred to? What is this place? Bah.

February: What? No. Really? Dumped? And that too over email? Damn.

March: Ramoji film city is awesome. So is Hussainsagar. So are sad, melancholy filled songs. Sniff.

April: Why do all these Korean airhostesses look the same? And why did the burly police officer at the airport have to check my underwear?(not the one I was wearing, mind 😛 ) Work. Work. More work.

May: Ta da di da dah. Melancholy filled songs is still awesome. Sniff. Work happens. Pollution free air is awesome. So is 2 Mbps net connection.

June: Work some more. Listening to ‘Yeh jo des hai tera’ makes one nostalgic.

July: Why do all these Korean airhostesses look the same?? 😮 Mein wapas aa gaya, maa! Butter chicken is buttery.

August: What? No. Really? Dumped? Again? And that too over chat? Screw it. Ah well.

September: Work. Bang head against wall. Repeat. Wonder if Karzzz will be a hit.

October: Oh. Really. Ok. Bye then. Hear Tandoori nights songs. Lose will to live.

November: No. This can’t be happening.

December: Screw it. Looks like I’ll finally have to grow up.

[A small chronology of what my year was like. This just goes to show that I am neither cool nor hip nor any term which might sound like I am remotely interesting. Anyways, wish you all had a great 2008 and wish you a 2009 whose awesomeness is awesome (did I mention that Kung Fu Panda was amongst my favourite movies of the year?) 😀 ]


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§ 6 Responses to The year that was…

  • Purnima says:


    That was good. now how abt some resolutions? or are u like me? Resolved never to have any resolutions except this??

    m back to blogging. do chk.


  • Mithun says:

    Hi Purnima,
    good to have you back to blogging…

    i don’t do resolutions, mostly coz i can’t fulfill them…like the one which was about getting six packs…have only managed one upto now 😛 sigh

  • ms-know-it-all says:

    all this is lies….

    he went to Hawaii in US and has been absconding since then…

    and he got sumped by the local bar because he couldn’t repay them!

    and where are your exploits on the Vegas clubs and *ahem-ahem* bars in there???

    some censored recap u giving us!

    RUBBISH!! (sounds similar to rab ne bana di jodi) 😛

    • Mithun says:

      i went to seattle, far away from hawaii…and i was there for work…and sadly i didn’t do any of the ayaashii that u talk of there 😦

      blonde chicks around coffee machines? hmm, stop taking hallucination-inducing substances 😀

  • ms-know-it-all says:

    change your template!!

    keep tht pic with u amidst those blonde chicks around the coffee machine in there as your background !!


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