Ring Ring…

October 20, 2008 § 3 Comments

Me: Hello?

Voice (sort of that melancholy voice which has seen many heartbreaks) : Hello, is this that blogger who wrote that article for DOGMA?

Me: (Wow, a fan! but how come he has my num…wow, a fan!!)[dignified voice] Yes, yes you have the right number. It was me who wrote that post for DOGMA.

Voice: Yes. A good thing you did too. We are impressed. We want you…

Me: (panicking) You are the gay mafia!! Please leave me alone, I don’t want you to want me. Please.

Voice: Shut up. And let us speak. Do not interrupt us. We want you to write a post for us.

Me: (phew!) Ohh, a post. Who is ‘we’ exactly? And a post on what?

Voice: Oh, we haven’t been introduced. We are the Aashiq Association of India. And we want a post on How to disrupt weddings.

Me: hein, Aashiq’s Association of India?? Weddings are sacred rituals which have the emotions of many people attached to them(snigger snigger). It is blasphemy to disrupt a wedding. Why, the Gods themselves will be angry…

Voice: Gods, the final refuge of the weak they are! So you are saying that you will not do it? You will back down from performing your duty? You will turn on your own?

Me: Duty? My Own?

Voice: We know your past….muhehehehehe

Me: Okay, good for you. In any case, I was anyways gonna do it.

Voice: Well in that case, thank you. muhehehehehehe…heheh (click)

Me: Strange. But how did he get my number?


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