A world of lies

September 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

I live in a world of lies. Of deceit, of unfulfilled promises, of things never meant to be, of lies posing as truth. I live in a world of promises. Promises made to people, promises to call, to mail, to stay in touch. Unfulfilled Promises. I live in a world of hope. Hope that things will be alright, hope that things are simple, hope that promises will be fulfilled. I know this world. I thought I knew this world. I had made my peace with it. Until today that is. Today, I came face to face with the biggest lie ever uttered in human history.

2 Minute Maggi Noodles

It all started with a jingle…do minute bas…aur tayyar, it said. I was transfixed. What could be better? Food in 2 minutes!! Its like a dream come true. It reminded me of the old days. Of days at home, when maggi provided a good snack in between lunch and dinner. It was with nostalgia that I picked out the packet from the supermarket shelf. 2 minutes aur tayyar, I hummed to myself. The wonders of technology, I mused. It was with a sprightly step that I  walked out of the supermarket.

But that was until I opened the packet to make noodles. It took me half an hour to prepare the damned thing and make it fit for consumption. And that was after I followed all the instructions!

Sometimes in the night, I wake up all sweaty from a nightmare that I don’t remember, only to find myself curled in a foetal position, rocking back and forth and mumbling the jingle “do minute bas…aur tayyar” repeatedly.

I live in a world of lies and I’ve seen the biggest lie of them all. 



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