The end of the world

September 9, 2008 § 1 Comment

The large hadron collider(lhc) will start operations from Wednesday. What it does and what its benefits are, I leave that for you to find out with something called google search.

Many have however predicted a doomsday type of scenario, where the lhc will lead to some cataclysmic event, that will lead to the end of the world. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. We’ll know soon. In either case, and there is good reason to believe this, we will not feel a thing.

But it did get me thinking, what if the world does end tomorrow. What if everything does finish off tomorrow? What will I do if I knew that the next few minutes will be the last of my life?

Interesting thing to reflect upon, isn’t it?

Update: Well. It turned out to be a wet blanket. Seems like doomsday has been shifted a couple of months into the future. I will now contemplate…in the next two months, as to what I will do if I did actually know that the next few minutes are going to be the last of my life. And of course, not actually do anything of it.


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  • alice-in-wonder says:

    One could, potentially, do a lot of things! However, if you think about it, even the world and other ppl will end. So there will be no one left. So whatever you do, will have no effect on anyone.
    All I mean is, kick back and relax. 😀

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