To be in love

August 25, 2008 § 7 Comments

He stared at the screen of his laptop, a coffee in his hand, a song onΒ  his lips. He loved sitting here, in his favourite cafe, jotting down notes for the presentation, working on the presentation itself. Something about the place made him at peace with himself.

But the peace today was shattered by a rather shrill shout from the adjacent table. A couple was arguing there. As usual, the girl seemed to have the upper hand in the argument. The boy was shouting, unable to control his anger. Wrong choice. That’s no way to win an argument. Let her say whatever she wants to say, he wanted to tell the boy. But giving advice was something he didn’t do anymore. That was a previous life, he told himself. He just watched as the fight escalated and finally the girl became teary and stormed from the table. The boy went after her, shouting, “but I love you!”

Love, he thought. That word is thrown around so much nowadays, its become meaningless. Love, he thought. A wonderful word isn’t it. Such a tiny word, a box of 4 letters, yet it has every emotion in the universe. Happiness, sadness, despair, envy, jealousy, hate, even that nameless emotion one feels, that feeling of powerlessness that comes over when thinking of the one you come to think of as your own. Love, he thought. Come bind me, says the word. Come to me and rest in my arms, it says. Come and you’ll be forever happy, it says. Yet nobody can tell you what it exactly is. Nobody. Love, he thought. Should’ve given it a chance. He smiled then. A rueful smile.

He opened an empty document on his laptop. “To be in love” he wrote.


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