From the window of my eyes

August 18, 2008 § 2 Comments

This song (below the post) depicts an ideal date(in the eyes of the morally concious Censor Board, though not in the eyes of any of the older generation, the only ideal date they prefer is the one that is available at the nearest grocers shop)

If you are too lazy to dwell on the ideas this song provides(or are too intelligent to notice them), I will ask you one question…What am I here for? 😀 By the way, the intelligent comment was sarcastic(just in case you didnt notice 😉 )

So, the moral(s) of the song:

  • Guys should wear chest baring tight Shirt and bell bottom pants(you will get a lot of stares, but are those starers going on a morally correct date? The answer is NO. You have the moral high ground, you can do whatever you want, just like Sonia Gandhi)
  • The start of a date should always be on a lush green hillock. You should laze on the grass *atleast* 10 feet away from your girlfriend. The girlfriend should sing an ode to you about your greatness for accepting her into your life; she should do so while plucking flowers which are to be presented to you.
  • While presenting the flower, if there is any contact between you and your girlfriend, you should immediately cease contact (no more than 2 seconds). There has…er…been an error in the depiction of this in our model video( I assure you, the director beat the crap out of Sachin for behaving like that, that is why the camera focuses on flying birds for a few seconds. Also notice Sachin’s dazed look in the rest of the video).
  • Next part of the date moves towards a stream( if inaccessible; u may use a swimming pool or a pond). The lady has to put feet in stream, and keep singing ode to her lowu (that be u; if she be singing for someone else; why you reading this? sigh). You must look at her with strange dazed look in eyes and a manic smile (her singing will have this effect on you. And not in a good way).
  • Your action is needed for the date to move to the next location. When she gets up, you must hold her hand and skip (yes, you read that right) at a healthy pace towards the next location (which happens to be the top of a hill). The skipping, a la little Red Riding Hood, will ensure that you two stay fit and get a little exercise on your date (DOGMA* believes in a healthy nation)
  • At the next location, ensure that your gf is still singing (bear the headache, please, it’ll help the dazed smile). The next action is difficult for me to describe (i’ll describe it as soon as I stop laughing 😛 ) I’ll call it the psycho walk…please see video for live demonstration 😀
  • Next are mandatory (appease the Gods, they will be favourable then) stops to places of worship. Shown in this model video are a small Christian place of worship and a Hindu place of worship. Add a mosque for an overall secular date.
  • Next comes the see off. For minds corrupted by western influence, this is an ideal time for after date ‘goodbyes’. However, in the indian context, a handshake is okay (namaskar is preferred). The video again has an error in it. Sachin is way too enthusiastic, but is foiled by the girl. Bless her. (Sachin was thoroughly thrashed by both the director and the heroine’s mummy after the shot was canned. Notice the drunken dazed look. That is not acting, it is because of the painkillers.)
  • Lastly, look at the closing scenes of the video. It shows the couple in their *own* rooms looking at photograph and crooning(girl), reading informative magazines (both boy and girl), taking a walk on balcony(boy). All of which are far superior and healthy habits than which the current generation of youngsters prefer(chatting, smsing, calling, looking at photograph on a LCD screen). So much better no.

I believe that this has been an informative and learning experience for you all 😀

(*DOGMA: Department Of General Morals and Attitude)

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