Saat Samandar Paar…

August 14, 2008 § Leave a comment

Thousands of students from India go to the United States of America every year to pursue higher education or ‘The Great American Dream’. Amongst the thousands who went this year, were a select few who have been close to me for the most part of the last few years. This blogpost is for them.

Kunal – Undoubtedly the best of friends I have had throughout my engineering days. Kunal was and is extremely humble, unassuming, very inquisitive and never afraid of anything (none of us ever saw him afraid). He has a great mind and he is extremely gifted with regards to his persistence. A MS is a logical step for this fella. I know you’ll be good at it dude. Best of luck.

Amar – If there was an award for the hardest worker in our class, it would be given to Amar. I’ve never seen anybody being more focused on a goal and doing everything possible to achieve it. Amar did all this and more. And when he said that he wanted to do MS, there were sceptics who might’ve dissuaded him, but we always knew that he wouldn’t stop until he had his hands around the degree. Best of luck man.

Siddhesh – It feels awkward calling him by his actual name. We call him ‘Jadoo’. And I guess that name will stick at NEU too 🙂 This guy is amazing. Extremely creative and energetic to boot, he is never short of enthusiasm and always game for any activity. Especially if it involves star-watching. Sorry, couldn’t help cracking that one. But seriously, wish you a great time and a wonderful couple of years at NEU.

Bhavik – Bhavik is the sort of guy you would always want around. Has the gift of gab and in my book would have made for a world class marketing executive. But he has chosen another path, which is after all what matters. Is passionate about what he does. I believe that will stand him in good stead through the two years of MS. Best of luck dude.

The others to take the road to MS are Darshak, Akash & Rati(the only girl from my class to do so. Way to go, Rati!!). Here’s wishing them all the best!!


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