The Darkness Cometh

July 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

The sage sat on the tiger skin and meditated on the universe(the tiger skin was authentic, sourced from Chinese smugglers). The sage meditated and his disciples, a secret warrior clan called “Sutras” sat around him. They meditated with him. Great things were about to unfold in the world. They were waiting.

The sutras wrote history. They actually ‘made’ history. You can read about organizations that change history in the many ‘organizations that change the world’ type of books available in your friendly neighborhood library. The ‘sutras’ were not too different from the rest. You know, suave debonair leaders, intelligent managers, fanatical warriors, the works. All except the sage. The sage saw things. Things that would impact the world.

High above Bombay,  a sutra warrior “Anikesh” flew over the periphery of the city in a F16 scanning for oddities in the night sky and maybe the ground. Yes, part of the AirForce were sutras. Another sutra warrior “Ajithsa” scanned the shoreline from her radar tower. “Notice for unusual events”, they had been told. And they were noticing.

The sage had been meditating for long now. Maybe he was just faking and sleeping instead. The warriors sat around him in groups, discussing the event that was supposed to herald the new coming. What would it be? An assault on the city? A show of strength? Some magic perhaps? There was magic still left in this world, the sage had told them; and there were few who could exploit it. Maybe one so powerful was about to show himself. Only the sage knew. And he wasn’t telling anyone yet.

“Notice anything unusual?” Anikesh asked over the radio. “No. Nothing yet.” said Ajithsa. There was a terseness to the words as she said them. Many behavioural scientists attribute this terseness to a strain in the relationship between a couple due to a low intensity fight. If it were a high intensity fight, the same statement would be said as “No. Nothing yet. Dumbass.” Anikesh took a deep breath, calmed himself and said “Are you still angry?” If anybody would have seen Ajithsa at that exact moment, they would’ve run to safety. But Anikesh could not see her. All he heard at that moment was “Not on this channel. Come to channel 5. Dumbass.” The fight had just been upgraded to a high intensity one.

Ra was rich, powerful, a successful businessman and he was standing on the terrace of his penthouse overlooking the Arabian sea. But Ra was troubled. Troubled that he had been tasked with a job that demanded too much of him, maybe all of him. He had done his duty for the past 22 years diligently. He had kept it secret from all, except a few. He had devoted much time and energy to it. Much more than he had to his own business. He knew what was to come, what had to be done and what role he had to play. That had been decided well in advance.

As he watched a couple sitting on a bench on the promenade, holding hands and talking, Ra was reminded of something. A twinge of remembrance. Of Arya. He was suddenly aware of energy flowing through his hands and generating sparks at the tips of his fingers. He was amazed that he was strongest at magic when at his emotional worst. He shook his head. There was no time for all this emotional nonsense. The world was about to change and he had a key part to play in this change. And not even the sutras could hope to stop him. Not even Arya. A powerful bolt of energy shot from his palm and decimated a chair on the terrace. Ra sighed, shook his head at the mess and proceeded to look at the horizon.

Arya sat at the conference table with senior sutra members. She was one of the  most feared assassins that the sutras had. But since few actually knew of the sutras, her fear was less fearful that she would have liked to be. The reason she was sitting in the conference was the expected announcement that the sage would make. Whatever it be, she was sure Ra was connected to it, somehow. All her attempts to convince the council that her assassinating Ra would solve most of the worlds problem(including poverty and hunger) were in vain. Somehow the idea of one or two city blocks being torn apart by two raging ex-lovers didn’t seem at all palatable to the council. Arya had only pouted and said ‘fine’. Which meant that the next time she and Ra came face to face, there would be a great deal of destruction. There was a murmur from the council as a guard came to the senior most member of the council and whispered something in his ear. The member got up and addressed the council, “The sage has finished meditating. He will now speak. He is coming here.”

Far away from the meditation hall; in the AC compartment of a long distance train coming into Mumbai, Mikhail sat reading a book “The Art of War” and surrounded by his constant companions, who called themselves the four apostles. They sat silent around him, eyeing everyone who passed the compartment. They were his bodyguards and the only friends he had ever known. Mikhail was 22, slightly built. Nothing apart from his darkish complexion and brilliant green eyes set him apart from any other 22 year old. But appearances, as they say, are deceptive. Mikhail was no ordinary kid, he was gifted. Extraordinarily so. He would change the world. So it was prophesied.

“Years ago. 22 to be exact”, the sage started, “I had made a prophecy.  A prophecy regarding the end of the world. You can read all about the prophecy in my book titled ‘The end of the world prophecy’. It is available in the library. No, seriously. Do read it. At the center of the prophecy was a child that was born just about then. He is supposed to be the bringer of the destruction that will come. He disappeared the day I made the prophecy. And he has reappeared today. I am afraid that even if he might not be able to bring about the end of the world, he may bring about destruction to a very large part. Unless, of course, we can stop him. Whether we will be able to or not, all will change. The World will change.”



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