July 8, 2008 § 1 Comment

This tag is Rachana ki badaulat…
What was I doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago I was in standard 8, plotting on how best to get this girl killed so that I could finally have that coveted third rank (yes, I had very low standards and a distaste for hard work, and she really bothered me 😛 ). Also, I would think up insults in my spare time 😀 .  

What are top 5 things to do in my to-do list, today?

Sort out the mess I’ve made of my life.
Take a vacation. Somewhere like this.
Build a huge personal library.
Get some peace of mind.
World Domination 😀

Snacks I enjoy

Vada Pav
Pav Bhaji
Chiken Kebab (yes I know, it be food for some, it is a snack for me)
Anything Fried 😛

Places I have lived


5 things i’d do if I was a millionaire

Own every gadget that takes my fancy (ooh, shiny electronicy thing. Pack it!! 😛 )
Build a personal computer that would make supercomputers look like toys ( What? He’s starting his PC? Run, Run. Save yourselves!!)
Get a really really really high speed Internet connection ( what? Its a 10 GB download? Okay, it’ll be with me in 30 minutes 😀 )
Two words. World Domination.
Build an Evil DarkLord tower( “Dark Tower”. Note to architect: “The tower has to be dark. The tower has to be tower.” 😀 Last line attrib: Samit Basu ) 
Get Psychiatric help (yes, I was only asked for 5 things. I wrote 6. I can do whatever I want; I is millionaire remember? 😀 )


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