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June 19, 2008 § 2 Comments

The other day I was sitting around with this laptop and a blazing fast internet connection and an empty mind. I had always wanted this(though the third one is always present 😀 ), a lappie and an Internet connection that would be “Wooppii” fast, but now that I had it there was nothing to do. It is during such moments that people have been known to renounce everything and head for the Himalayas. But not me. I did something that every self respecting wannabe intellectual does. I decided to reflect on my life. In a not so intellectual manner. Through movies. Now what does a movie have to do with self reflection? Nothing at all!! I just needed an opening for this post, so I made all this crap up 😀 I watched “Maine Pyar Kiya” the other day. It was the first movie that I ever watched as a kid. I believed it would be good to relive the memories. It was. I learnt a lot of things. Like:

  • If you want to be somebody’s special friend, you should present them with a cap which says “Friend”. Not only that, you should have an identical cap. Make it a point to wear the cap when the other person wears theirs.
  • Pigeons are good for things other than guttar guttar. They make excellent love letter carriers, shooting targets and life saviours. And yes, they have excellent memory and can do flashbacks also.
  • Ek Ladka aur Ladki sirf dost nahin ho sakte, Prem!!
  • Each stage of courting demands a song (phraandship, leetle more phraandship, flirting, love letter song, proposal, making out song, bichaddhne ka song, love ka announcement song, finally milne ka song). Thank God ki remixes weren’t a fad then 😛
  • No matter what kind of relationship the respective parents share, when it comes to lowu marriage, they is all “nahin chalega, nahin chalega”
  • Leaving home is the only way to get the girl of your dreams.
  • When the girl’s father comes to smack the living daylights out of you, all you have to do is kneel down in front of him and sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. He will then soften up and ask you to prove yourself worthy of his daughter by earning Rs. 2000 in a month.
  • But what do you do when the lady you are after refuses to acknowledge you? Simple, you do this:


(stay till the end of the video…it’ll be worth your while 😀 )

  • And there is the customary fight, clearing of misunderstanding n stuff.
  • In the end, there is only boy, girl and pigeon.

Now that I have reflected on my life, what am I going to do about it?

You are right, I should get a pigeon.


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