A song and a dance

June 5, 2008 § 4 Comments

Do you remember the 90’s, dear peoples? Do you? The early nineties I mean. When multicoloured jeans was considered cool and tying a bright orange patterened scarf on your thigh was considered suave and singing “Tu cheez badi hai mast mast” whilst wearing blindness inducing costume* was still not considered sexual harrasment. Ahh, what a glorious decade that.

And I was witness to the rise and fall of that decade. Well, fall mostly, but it has its memories. Like the masala movies, their dance sequences, the multicoloured clothing, the mullets. And I relived some of that lost decade yesterday when I came across this song from Deewana (which happens to be SRK’s first movie). Look at them two go, dancing toh dekho. Such simple times those, and dancing was so simple.

Thrust pelvis, make motions with hands. 

Shake shoulders. Move feet in random order. 

Look at partner with saucy expression.


The lady in the video(Divya Bharati, who happened to be a favourite of moi), is no more. The leda guy in the video is a superstar now and owns a cricket team. Doing embarrasing work in the beginning of your career pays off I see. I do not lose hope for myself then.



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§ 4 Responses to A song and a dance

  • Y Do u Want to Know My Name? says:


    wanderfool blogs post u bee wraiting, i sees! 🙂

    i even larned those dances… lawed them sooo much… and u makes fun of its?? x-(

    i not laikes that!!… please apologise to all those who have made this dance a revolution world wide!!…

    think Rishi Kapoor and DIvya Bharathi… in tht movie which had the song.. Sochenge tumhe pyaar karen ke nahi 😛 😛
    (used to be a MAJOR HIT)

  • Mithun says:

    you means this doesn’t u AMU??

    I apologises for any hurts i causes to you…i be not so sincerely sorry 😛 😀

  • B says:

    I like ur dance instructions 🙂
    But the 90’s were heady albeit simple times. bad clothes, makeup, 50 unwanted background dancers..wow..looks funny now but everyone enjoyed this back then
    Nice post.

  • Mithun says:

    yes, simpler times they were…which explains the maroon jeans that I happened to possess back then and that I didn’t find 50 background dancers appearing out of nowhere to be somewhat weird.

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