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Whats that? Its love, of course!! Just that its pronounced like this in Hyderabad(or anywhere in South India, for that matter), so I thought that I might as well use that as the title to this post. This post is by The Mediator. So pardon me while my mind wanders off for a bit…be back soon.

The Mediator writes:  

One fine day, as I was wondering on the complexities of life, a question came to me: It came and said, “What is the difference, O Mediator, between love in the ancient years and now? Has it changed in nature? Has it dwindled? Has it lost itself in the quagmire of modernity?”

As I searched in the dictionary for the meaning of “quagmire”, the answers came to me and said, lend us your ears, O Mediator, and we shall tell you. Lend us your hand and we shall punch you. I decided to lend them my ears. And this is what I got; they gave me visuals too (some call it visions)…but then I am a visionary 😀

As you see in the picture above, the old, ancient type of love is depicted. Laila and Majnu being a perfect example for proponents of this kind of old worldly love. Laila sang, “Koi patthar se na maare mere deewane ko!” and since Majnu couldn’t sing to save his life(why do you think people were pelting stones at him 😛 ), there are no songs attributed to him. One for One. Old love stories start at two people and stop at the same two people. This however has been rendered obsolete in todays day and age, as shall be soon shown.


This is how it is nowadays. Its the modern, tech enabled love. Lots of people are involved. Colleagues, old flames, new flames, sparks and spark plugs. Its inevitable that most have “something on the side” while going on the lowu path with somebody else. Sad, but such it is. Somebody wise once said, “Its good to have options”. Case in point being Yuvraj and Deepika, who seem to have no trouble finding people to ‘mingle’ with. Such absurdity, but then we get to hear something new every day. But these sometimes end up hurting the guy, as seen in the case of Shahid. Sad. 


This is the love triangle of yore. Three people. This would whittle down to two (somebody has to die) as in Kuchh Kucchh Hota hai or would go up to 4(find somebody else, will ya?) depending upon the people involved. There was a good chance of something wrong happening and somebody being left alone, but that was remote. These triangles were the norm sometime ago, but all things come to a more complex implementation, so should this.


This is the new model, so to speak. There are so many factors here. Distance, etc. But we’ll just consider the great philosophy of Dr. Mohanappa Lovaggarappu, which states “Its good to have options”. Yes, and elvis over there, he’s been alone far too long 😛

Another vision I got, though not in splendid detail like the one above is below. I don’t believe that this one neeeds explanation 😛


So that, readers, was what I was shown by the answer fairies. Till next time then. Adios!! 

[ps. apologies for the blurry images…didn’t guess the dimensions properly and now I have no patience left to redo these images or rescale them] 


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§ 5 Responses to Lowu

  • I lowu this post. It’s hilarious. And yes, i lowu the new theme too. 😀

  • Rachana says:

    welcome back…. welcome back!! (finally i drive u insane again :D)

    loved this totally senseless post (guess ur way of saying u hv arrived in the asylum B-))

    expecting more such stuff from u, soon…

    u know my views on the template… just a request though…. y dont u write a post on ur fav dance forms too??? 😀 😀

  • mithunkotian says:

    @alice-in-wonder: Thanks. 🙂

    @rach : Thank you! Thank you!! (bows) I wld like to thank…er..wrong speech 😛
    But I’ll try to post more like this one…i was laughing through the entire pic making and writing process…
    ya, maybe one on dance forms wld be good…and I am not good in dance re…unless you count PT as dance 😀

  • B says:

    What an awesome explanation of Loveria
    I was expecting venn diagrams and all but the ones shown shud suffice for now..briliant post

    U shud always have options on teh side-Today’s learning of luwu

  • Mithun says:

    Thanks. I knew I was missing something here…a venn diagram! that never crossed my mind…ahh, well…might have to use it in another post.

    well that learning is an expert opinion… 😀

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