Die Welt ist leer, Ich will nicht leben mehr

March 25, 2008 § 2 Comments

Whether there is any true love left in this world is a question that has been thrown about many times in my head. And me being the cynical type, I have always answered in the negative. People just don’t get it was the reason.

But sometimes, things happen that make you shut up and say that you were wrong. I read excerpts of a letter. The letter written by French philosopher Andre Gorz to his terminally ill wife is the stuff legends are wrought around.

You’ve given me all of your life and all of you; I’d like to be able to give you all of me in the time we have left.

You’ve just turned 82. You are still beautiful, graceful and desirable. We’ve lived together now for 58 years and I love you more than ever. Lately I’ve fallen in love with you all over again and I once more carry inside me a gnawing emptiness that can only be filled by your body snuggled up against mine.

The 75 page letter he wrote to his wife was published as a book and has become a bestseller.

At night I sometimes see the figure of a man, on an empty road in a deserted landscape, walking behind a hearse. I am that man. It’s you the hearse is carrying away. I don’t want to be there for your cremation; I don’t want to be given an urn with your ashes in it. I hear the voice of Kathleen Ferrier singing, ‘Die Welt ist leer, Ich will nicht leben mehr’ and I wake up. I check your breathing, my hand brushes over you.

Each of us would like not to survive the other’s death. We’ve often said to ourselves that if, by some miracle, we were to have a second life, we’d like to spend it together.

Read the full article here.

Whats so remarkable about this story? Why was I moved enough to post it here? Read the full article, you’ll know.


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§ 2 Responses to Die Welt ist leer, Ich will nicht leben mehr

  • Rachana says:

    aww… good one !!

    btw btw…. i TOO blogged about sumthing about relationships….. co-incidence!!

    and before i forget… damn nice look u gave here…. now i know, what they pay u for @ Hyderabad!! 😛

  • mithunkotian says:

    thank u, thank u…

    relationships should have good captains…otherwise they sink…

    as for the new look, I be taking you on guided tour of blog…at the top you see green ghaas banner…i design it, thinking that what better to show of me as being a grounded person( modesty is me, u know 😛 ) and the tone be clean & white, which signifies a new beginning.

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