Wedding Woes – II

March 20, 2008 § 1 Comment

It was a summer during which I had tried to maintain my dignity intact, after all that had happened during the previous year(s). But fate conspires against me to such an extent that all my caution is rendered redundant. However, I was naive then and believed that I could stay out of situations and did my best to that effect. I believed that the previous incident would be the most embarrassing of my short life, but as will be narrated here, fate wasn’t quite through with me that time.

It was wedding season in Mangalore that year. A wedding had been timed to my vacations to a nicety. A cousin was getting married. She was all happy and stuff; and I was happy too(food!!!). The Mehendi function passed off as peacefully as is possible with around 40 drunk guys dancing and singing (which could be mistaken for wails). After a night of revelry and debauchery(not really 😛 ), I (as usual) overslept. And the marriage was scheduled in some hours. Not that I was needed anyways. But mom was adamant that I get to the function hall with the others who were going early. So I was kicked out of bed and told to take a bath. After a quick survey of the bathroom for spiders and other icky creatures, I proclaimed myself ready to take a bath.

And since this wasn’t an open area…I…in my birthday suit. And I was merrily nahaofying, when the bathroom door flew open and in came this girl. She takes one look at me, smiles and proceeds to get water out of the bucket and wash her face. Meanwhile, following my scream of surprise, a cousin rushed to the bathroom, only to see me trying to cover myself with my hands and the girl calmly washing her face, as if she was alone in the bathroom. In between unconstrained laughter, my cousin found the time to give me a towel, which incidentally was near the girl (so I couldn’t just go and grab it could I? ). As the cousin went around the house telling of the incident to anybody who’d listen; I stood inside the bathroom(wrapped in a towel, of course) as the girl finished her facewash routine. She looks at me once again, giggles and says, in Tulu, “You should lock the door from the inside, you know”. Lots of thoughts came to my mind then, some of which included “There shall be blood!!”, “There is no dignity left” and “Revenge shall be taken!!”, but none came to my lips. And then she exited the bathroom. I was left standing there, lost for words, the last vestiges of my dignity taken away from me by a door lock. Everybody in the house came to know, everybody asked. They mocked me, they laughed. I could never meet that girl’s eyes again. She had seen.

[About the girl: She is about half a year older than myself and was one of the intelligent & beautiful types. She is now married.]   


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§ One Response to Wedding Woes – II

  • B says:

    Too funny Mithun..
    BTW yeh tho maine pyar liya ka scene ho gaya tha..
    why didnt u retort back ala Salman Khan with a filmi dialogue?

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