Matches are made…

February 26, 2008 § 3 Comments

“Sab rishte upar se bankar aate hain…kaun kiske kismat me hain, yeh sab uparwala pehle se tey karta hai” – I think I heard this line in a hindi movie some years ago. And me being impressionable and all at that age, I actually believed it. To me the “Uparwala” had some sort of gigantic book in which he wrote two names in one line & that meant that they had to be together for the rest of their life. Which I now realise is not so. It must all be maintained in a huge object oriented database like Oracle with RAID mirroring and that sort of a thing.

Nah. I don’t believe that. Matches aren’t made in heaven…maybe in hell, but not in heaven. But I digress.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I like Vada Pav – mumbai’s answer to the burger (ya, I know its a cliched title, but its a good one, don’t u think?). And as I was eating one the other week, a thought came to me – Is there a Vada Pav matchmaker up there? No, seriously. Think about it. A Vada and a Pav come together to make a Vada Pav. And they stay together, forever. Until somebody eats them that is. Then they go to…lets leave it at that, shall we? But the fact remains the same…out of the millions of Pav manufactured everyday and the millions of vadas made in a day, one of each meet each other and become one…i mean a Vada Pav. And they stay together to the end…no messy divorces and breakups and all. They is the perfect couple.

Perfect. And that is why this whole business of a VadaPav matchmaker started in my head anyways. Why do i believe in a VadaPav matchmaker and not a human matchmaker? Simply because Vadas and Pavs don’t breakup or stab each other in the back or such, unlike humans. Such pity. And they are tasty too 😛

ps: Before anybody asks, the answer is: NO, i was not drunk when i thought of this 😀


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§ 3 Responses to Matches are made…

  • Rachana says:

    I agree… u cannot be drunk and yet make as much sense….

    but… were u by any chance, hit on the head or something? :O 😛

    I reserve my comments on this piece 😛

  • mithunkotian says:

    How did you know about me being hit on the head? :-O
    Yes, a ceiling did fall on my head…but that was so loooong ago…
    and more recently, somebody did bang my head onto a wall…but that was 7 years ago… 😀
    yup, I guess that explains a lot… 😛

  • Rachana says:


    i am privy to quite a lot of inside information, u see 😀 😀


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