Valentines Day Musings

February 14, 2008 § 4 Comments

The sky was overcast, a slow breeze blew over the Hussainsagar, the clouds had a eerie glow of their own – perhaps because of the full moon that hid behind them. There was a slight chill in the air, it looked like it might rain soon. The night had elements of being romantic…for lack of a better word.

The Mediator looked out of his 4th floor apartment, towards the city. A city he didn’t call his own. Rows upon rows of lights – some twinkling, some not – illuminated the city. Planes took off and landed from the airport towards the far end of the horizon. All this reminded him of something; just what that something was he could not figure out. He felt nostalgic, emotions he wouldn’t admit to welled up inside him. It was something he couldn’t help, he decided. He continued staring outside the window.

Just then he was stirred out of his thoughts by his flatmate. The flatmate had just finished a lengthy 3 hour plus talkathon with his girlfriend back in his hometown. The Mediator always found it weird as to what they talked about. Day in and Day out. Night actually. But he had learned long ago not to ask. The answer was always the same: “stuff” they would say, followed by a lengthy sermon on how heartless he was. The Mediator didn’t ask. He didn’t care.

“Beautiful weather, isn’t it?”, the flatmate said. The Mediator just nodded and continued staring out. “Wonderful weather to be out with someone special”, said the flatmate. The Mediator shifted a little, away from the flatmate, unsure of what he was getting at. But he said nothing, just an unsure nod. “You know, the month of February is special, magical. It has every ingredient of romance. The birds sing their special tunes, the trees look so lively, there is colour everywhere, people are in the best of spirits, the animals are cheerful. And best of all there is Valentines Day! Such a wonderful day, when everyone can express their love to each other. Like me to my girlfriend and she to me.  Life is beautiful in February, isn’t it?” The Mediator didn’t think that impending rain was a cheerful thought, he didn’t like birds chirping away to glory when he tried to sleep in the morning and he *hated* anyone who was cheerful without a good, valid reason. But he didn’t say anything to the flatmate. Best not to burst the bubble, he reasoned. He didn’t say anything.

“Life is beautiful in February”, the flatmate repeated and continued, “its like the entire universe changes, life itself changes, the colours in the sky. But best of all, there is something in the air, something undefinable. Something that strikes all of us, something nobody can escape. Theres that kind of tingly feeling, like electricity that courses through the air in Feb. There’s something in the air. Something intangible. But its there right. Don’t you feel it, dude? What do you say, isn’t there something in the air?” He looked at the mediator.

The Mediator nodded. He looked away from the view of the city that had so far kept him captivated. He looked at his flatmate, into his eyes, nodded again and said “I believe its called Pollution. Look it up in wikipedia“. And the Mediator stalked off to his bedroom, a thin smile curving across his face, while his flatmate sat on the window sill, stunned.    


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