I want to…

December 26, 2007 § 1 Comment

be a kid again… to lug that rectangular, green bag of mine (with very funny pics of the crocs from pearls before swine 🙂 ) to school at 7.15 am sharp. To be told off by the Marathi teacher for not getting my grammar right..heck, not getting the words right! To be terrified of Sunday evenings – for Monday would mean school again and to be thrilled on Fridays – knowing that two days of fun awaited. To hurriedly complete the drawing assignments that had been long pending, painting the national flag with fluorescent orange and fluorescent green. See the drawing instructor’s stunned expression on seeing the flag and hearing my explanation that “it makes it look more lively ma’am” 😛 .

be in high school again…to do tp with friends, talk nonsense and expect them to understand, hear nonsense and perfectly understand what was being said, expect to be in the top 3 without any effort at studies, fume/mumble/grumble at competition for the third rank, be delighted on finally getting the 3rd rank, be delighted at having to share it(with aforementioned competition), go on picnics to waterparks, go to aarey milk colony and spend time alone, read each and every ‘Hardy Boys’ present in the library, go being the monitor of class (who cares if no one was listening!), get hit on the back of my head with chalk pieces, have a mock ‘war’ with paper missiles, wonder at the meaning of life during one of the marathi lectures.

to be in college again…to do as I please, sit in the library doing nothing at all, go out with friends n still do nothing at all, day dream in class, give absurd answers to the professor’s questions, stand by the printer hoping it wont go berserk, swear at the computer if a program won’t run, copy assignments, listen to others problems & give totally useless advice, copy some more assignments, ask irrelevant questions, get irrelevant answers, sit quietly & reflect about life, run around before/during/after fests to get things working, work like a dog to bring out the college magazine, go on industrial trips that had nothing about industry in them, watch others get drunk, get drunk myself, smile like an idiot, laugh like a maniac.

be at Hungama again…ride the churchgate slow in the morning, read the paper in the train, settle into my workspace with an expresso in hand, code, wonder why the code won’t work, grumble about the amount of work, think up ways to embellish the time sheet, torment Amit with weird logic, play Unreal Tournament, and lose. Badly. 12 hours after setting foot in office, finally call it a day and return home. Empty trains. An Empty Life. Work on Saturdays, coz there was nothing else to do; work under pressure, coz theres nothing better to do. There’s nothing better to do…

be me again.


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  • oing to Aarey mlk colony must be fun, It is a very nice place and I am sure when you were a kid, it must have been even nicer. The other day I was confronted by a cop for taking pictures. You can read about it on my blog

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