The Mediator – Intro

October 23, 2007 § 9 Comments

I am 22. So are most of my friends. This, unfortunate as it is, is the age when er… relationships blossom. Some of which develop holes in them and sink. Didn’t get the last one? (Oh well, relation-ship, ships which have holes in them sink!! Oh the tragedy of having to explain a clever line!!) So where was I? Yes, relationships. Lots and lots of them. Blossom like flowers they do. Unfortunately, a majority of them are nipped in the bud as soon as they start to blossom or are crushed in the fell clutch of circumstances. A lot of such things happened in my class (well, my ex-class). We had all kinds of relationships; the kind in which both the guy and girl knew that they were in a relationship, the kind in which the guy knew, but the girl didn’t and vice-versa. There were also a couple of instances in which the guy and girl didn’t have a clue but the entire class knew. There were two-way, one-way and one & half-way (I kid thee not šŸ˜€ ). It was the time when our class discovered the joys of Internet, of yahoo messenger, orkut and chat in general. A populace that hadn’t interacted properly in 3 years, was now chatting furiously on the net. Out of this were born mini-romances,Ā their flames stoked by the presenceĀ of broadband connectivity. It was all nice, hunky-dory, like a parabola equation – all smooth going. In short, too good to be true. It was. Something had to give, something had to break.Ā And break it did, a little too fast. The lull was over, now was the time for the storm.Ā Ā The storm had come. Of broken hearts, of desires nipped in the bud, of advances spurned, of feelings scorned at. At the receiving end were guys mostly, their proposals rejected, made fun of; glumness reigned supreme. It was like a war zone. Bloodied souls, broken hearts.

Yet one man stood alone in this wasteland of emotions. Surveying the field, picking up survivors, urging them to live, giving advice, doling consolation. He was looked upto by the fallen. He was the one guys went to with their problems, queries about girls, about relationships, their outcome. He was the bandage to their wounds. He was the answer to their queries.Ā He knew everything, everyone. He knew of problems. He knew solutions. He was inspiration. He was wise. He was THE ONE. He was THE MEDIATOR.

Part 2 is up!


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§ 9 Responses to The Mediator – Intro

  • sneha says:

    so much of self appraisal :O

    c, i hv to comment….
    jus cant help it..

    pune mein koi bhav nahi deta kyaa???jo khud ko khush karne k liye ,u r writing such stuff….
    btw mediator ko HINDI mein kya bolte hai???

  • mithunkotian says:

    self appraisal kya hai? šŸ˜®
    maine koi self appraisal nahin kiya…this is about “the mediator” not about me…
    pune mein koi bhav kyun dega? meine maanga hi nahin hai šŸ˜›
    and i’ll write what I want to!!
    meri hindi utni acchi nahin hai…kisi hindi mein phd ko jaake pooch ki mediator ko hindi mein kya bolte hain…

  • sneha says:

    u know wht..when i opened this page pc was burning…itna garam kyu hoing :P..thanda le šŸ˜› ……
    n if u reply to this one na, thn it wud seem like v r chatting on blog…pathetic

    so dont reply..better write a nice blog…so tht il giv my precious comments on it(even thought u dont need it :P)

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  • B says:

    one & half-way ??? Whats that?

    What an introduction for the Mediator-U shud be in movies writing filmi scripts..that was really good

  • Mithun says:

    one and a half way, I’ve always wondered why no one who’s read this blog has ever asked me that yet;
    one and a half way means that one of the interested parties (usually the boy) is totally interested in being in the relationship(or, more accurately, is in lowu) whereas the other party(usually the girl) is dithering, but is mostly bound to give in. This may also be referred to as the negotiating phase of the relationship. Needless to say, most of these negotiations fail.

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