Hell no!!

June 28, 2007 § 3 Comments

Not for President!!!

We already have a Prime Minister (alternate link) who is just a figurehead(controlled by You-Know-Who!!) managing the affairs of our country…and now we might just have a President who will be remote controlled by You-Know-Who!! Last time this had happened (President under control of The Parivaar (specifically her and him) ), India had an Emergency to contend with…God knows what will be unleashed this time around…how about a fresh round of reservations? 😛

All this should be reason enough…but even the charges that this woman has against her are serious & numerous and these really deserve an explanation. Charges such as harboring a criminal, hushing up cases against family, defaulting on loans…so many…really, even a figurehead should have some sort of a clean image..this lady does not. She should not be President. And as for a woman becoming President of India, I’m sure there are many who are eligible for the post…Sonia Gandhi being an ideal candidate…her inner voice should be convinced of this thou :D…

A lone blogger like me can only do so much…but collectively we can at least try and make a difference…we must try…if anybody would like to show their support to this cause…please put up this banner on your site.

ξ Mithun Kotian

§ 3 Responses to Hell no!!

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