Mithun’s Law of BEST Buses

June 15, 2007 § 2 Comments

It has been said that an idle mind is a devils workshop. I believed in this so much so that i have let it (my brain that is, even thou a few may not agree on its existence πŸ˜› ) work on continuously through all of my routine life. And for those of you curious enough, yes, it works even when I sleep, why do you think i am so delusional when awake? πŸ˜€

Anyways on to the topic, my brain has come up with quite a few ideas, most of which when implemented have landed me in disasters. One of these ideas came during my junior college life, when i was waiting for Bus no. 328(which incidentally has consumed about 20% of the time that i spent on college). It was inspired by Newton’s three laws and vishwesh was testimony to their rather sordid birth. So without wasting too much time, i give u Mithun’s three laws of BEST buses :

1) For each and every BEST bus stop, there is an equal and opposite bus stop.

  • Yes, please do pay attention the next time u stand at a bus stop, even if they are not opposite, the equal principle comes into play, because I have postulated that the distance between the two stops can be divided by 2 and then they will be equal to each other. My Logic is undeniable πŸ˜€

2) The crowd inside a bus is inversely proportional to the frequency of the bus.

  • Yes it is true, look around, u will see the truth πŸ˜› . Some buses do defy this theory, but i never said its perfect! For instance, bus no. 340 seems to have crowds regardless of the frequency. However this is a special bus, coz it defies the laws of physics itself (abt 150 crammed into space meant for 70, but then trains do so too…my mind at this point has wandered off thinking about trains….), and the bus actually seems to be going tilted to one side, looking as if it will topple any second, but miraculously it doesn’t. Think of this law as something that is just there, for convenience’s sake, just like Manmohan Singh is Prime Minister of India. πŸ˜€

3) a) The frequency of a bus is inversely proportional to its importance.

  • This is the third and last law part (a). What this means is that a bus route is important if it goes to a destination I desire to go to. And since most have the buses i travel by have frequencies which are comparable to some fat dudes waistline..this law has come into existence.

3) b) The bus u desire/yearn for has already left the bus stop and is now a full frequency time away.

  • Haven’t u ever felt like a scorned lover when your bus has left and u have to wait for the next one? Go ahead try it, say that you don’t wanna miss a bus and head for the bus stop and see what happens. And this only happens with the buses which have the fat waistline wala frequency, not with the anorexic waistline wala buses( could this have qualified as an addendum to this law? my mind wonders and wanders…oooh the pretty colours on screen!!…there it goes again… πŸ˜› )

Well, this almost covers it. This by the way was the one time that something concocted in my brain did not give me some physical pain or mental scars πŸ˜› . Instead, I believe that I have potential to devastate er…i mean contribute to the progress of the scientific community in general. Nobel, here i come!!! (And no, nobel is not a female scientist, its a prize but wat if it was? It was a she i mean… πŸ˜‰ )

PS: Bus and Bus Routes imply the same thing...atleast in my mind!
If somebody has a problem with these laws...
please do pay me a personal visit...
u shall be greeted by a mild electrical shock of 20000 volts :D ...

ΞΎ Mithun Kotian

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