List of meaning and demeaning

January 5, 2007 § 1 Comment

Its that time of the year again when you look back at the best and worst of the year. Not only does it make you remember the good times and the bad throughout the year, it also makes you go “ya, that was good” and “ya, that was crap!” It also makes for a blog topic! 🙂So here they are, my humble list of meaning and demeaning:

Best Movie of the Year
Rang De Basanti, for sure. It wasn’t the usual stuff and it was the kind of classic cult film that comes once in a long while. It was better than the other films (Munnabhai 2, etc) in the way that it made me think, it spoke to me in a way no film has ever done. The best 3 hours I have ever spent in a theatre.

Worst Movie of the Year
Tom, Dick and Harry. I do not think that words could do any justice to the trauma that this film inflicted on me. The other contenders were Umrao Jaan, Dhoom 2, Pyaare Mohan, 36 China Town etc. were out of contention because I did not see any of them. (PS. my friends say that Umrao Jaan would be the right choice. Hardly surprising considering all the deadwood in the film :P)

Weirdest Ending in a Film
Ahista Ahista. Soha Ali Khan chooses Shayan Munshi (it was him, right?) over Abhay Deol. Very unexpected. The rest of the film was very nice, with a nice languid pace and a very different story, maybe thats why the different ennding. One that left me baffled.

Good Song(s) of the Year
2006 was a mixed year for the music fan. Where mediocre music made it to the top of the charts, some real gems were also produced. Sadly, there was no music from Lucky Ali, who’s my favourite. But starting from the movies, “Lukka Chuppi” & “Tu Bin Bataye” from RDB, “Tere Bin” from Bas Ek Pal, “Mann Bawra” from Pyar ke Side Effects and maybe “Namak” from Omkara. Among the albums we had Rabbi Shergill’s album “Bulla ki Jaana”, Kailash Kher’s “Teri Deewani\Kailasa” (which contained some stunning compositions) and very recently we had “Ustad and the Divas” (all songs have good rhythm and lyrics have meaning).

Awful Song(s) of the Year
2006 was a sad year for any music afficianado who even has a slightest concept of good music. Himace’s tunes were bad, the lyrics sucked and the less said about his nasal voice, the better. He shouted more than he sang, cried more than he acted and grimaced more than he smiled (did he smile at any time?). Anu Malik’s music is another contender, remember Umrao Jaan;)? But a champion has to be crowned and it is Himace’s song “Love u unconditionally” from Ahista Ahista. That song is a template for how lyrics shouldn’t be penned.

Singer of the Year
Atif, undoubtedly, was the standout performer in the year. The haunting rendition of Tere Bin was inspiring. Kailash Kher, Rabbi were the others who rocked.

Rakhi Sawant & Mika. Mika kissed, raunchy Rakhi turned sati savitri. Weirder stuff never has happened.

TV Bummer
The K serials keep getting more and more unbearable. Even The Great Indian Laughter Champions 2 sucked big time. Bigg Boss has made voyeurs out of most Indians (me not included, I find it crass). Nach Baliye 2 was over hyped and seemed too ‘scripted’. Was Indian Idol 2 in 2006? Singers in that sang less and styled themselves more. All show, little talent… very little talent. Another one is FAME X, pathetic it is.

My college library is stocked with some real gems of literature…so I generally dont get to read bad prose or poetry. Bartimaeus (Jonathan Stroud), Eragon(Christopher Paolini), The Old Kingdom Series (Garth Nix) were all good.

All are yuck anyways, the damned quotas were the worst thing to happen to higher education since reservations were started in the first place. Congress is secular? Thats a joke. I cant think of a party with a better interest in dividing the country. Damned pseudo-secularists they are.

That about does it really, lots more to say, but I could go on for ever with this, so I’ll spare myself the typing 🙂

Goodbye for now, with wishes for a better year ahead…


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