The Slumdwellers Champion

December 14, 2006 § Leave a comment

    Slums have for long been urban India’s nightmare…these are places which are seen as the root cause of the city’s problems, though not correctly…right from the criminals/crimelords that they foster, to their unsightliness and the hygiene standpoint…most of the problems are plastered onto the slums.

The slums of Mumbai have long been filled with hopefuls arriving from far off places to earn their livelihood in this city of dreams. One such person is jockin Arputham. His story is an amazing one…about how and why he came to the city and what he did…I truly found it amazing. He’s the guy who’s setup the National Slumdwellers Federation here in India and he campaigns for the rights of the slumdwellers.

In an interview which he gives to Sonia Faleiro, he recounts his childhood, his campaigns and many other sundry matters.

Here’s the full Interview:


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