Short Story # 1

September 24, 2006 § 2 Comments

They fought like enemies. Yet they were the best of Friends. They argued like rabid lawyers. Yet they were together. They never agreed on any topic. Yet they agreed to disagree. They did not have anything in common – She was an extrovert, he an introvert. He to read, she couldn’t stand it; she liked to watch movies, he would fall asleep watching them; he loved to travel, she preferred staying at home – yet they had something in common – LOVE. For each other.

He sat in his room. Thinking about her, about what had happened. For where she had gone , he could not follow easily. Not on foot, not in any vehicle. Nothing could be done now…except… He remembered the fun times they had and the not-so-fun times; the time they spent together. How he wished he could get them all back. But he couldn’t, he knew that. He was hurt, he was angry. Not at her, but at himself. Their last meeting had been a fight, and he felt he was responsible. why couldn’t he control himself? He asked the question again and again, till the words lost all meaning.

Yet he was smiling. Smiling the sweet innocent smile that she liked so much. He was smiling, looking at the pool of blood formed on the floor where his wrist rested, the blood oozing from the cut he had made with a blade which rested now in his other hand. He was going to meet her afterall. He had decided to in the morning itself…standing next to her grave…


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