I’m Dying

August 22, 2006 § Leave a comment

No frigging Television. No Cable. No News. No Sports. No Sitcoms. No Nothing. Just Doordarshan. Been like this for one whole day. Don’t know how much longer I can take it. Can’t keep up. Watching Doordarshan. They should use it to torture terrorists. Yup, its that bad. Can’t think properly. People responsible for this must be made to listen Himace’s songs for 3 continuous days without stopping. That’ll teach them. Tell that aunty, whoever she is to leave the kids of mumbai alone. Tell her to go live in the Andamans. Wretched people, stealing our channels. I can’t take it anymore. The silence hurts. Radio has only Himace ka gaana. Can’t see, can’t listen. All coz of a frigging prudish aunty.

Make it start again!

Update: It started! At 11 in the night! But no english movie channels 😦 . The Prudes have won 😦


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