August 22, 2006 § Leave a comment

Whats the problem with Himace? Why the scowl? Why the attitude? Why, oh why does every girl he come across find another guy? Why?

Is it because he’s as besura as a kauwa?(trust me, I know what besura is, I belong to that group). Is it because he’s ready to cry like a baby, everytime a girl so much as turns away from him? Or is it because he’s tired of hiding his paunch behind those stupid coats/jackets? Or maybe because his head hasn’t been exposed to the sun for the past year. Who knows? We can only speculate. And thats what I’ll do…

Most of my friends know that I can postulate corny theories, make up cornier songs and stuff that can come only from a not-so-right mind. This talent, thou recently begotten, has helped coin such astounding works of fiction as Kotian’s assorted Laws of Bus-Stops, countless – pointless songs, and the fiction works from daily life (eg. why did the principal declare holiday on rakshabandhan?). But that madness will have to wait for another day, another blog . Right now, I’m writing about Himace. So the next post will be my theory on Himace.

Update: This is proving difficult…but post I shall…albeit a little late 🙂


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